5 Last Minute Tax Return Tips

Follow Us!You’re not alone if you have waited up to the last minute to prepare what will be a last minute tax return. Approximately 20% to 25% of tax returns are filed with in the last two weeks of the tax deadline. While some delay the process because they want to side step the hassle, […]

8 Tax Records & Receipts You Need to File

Follow Us!The deadline to file your federal income taxes is rapidly approaching, and for those who itemize deductions, own and operate a small business, or are a sole proprietorship, the gathering of tax records and receipts is crucial component. Regardless of whether filing using a paper return or filing online, this gathering of documents and […]

Tax Preparation Tip: What if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Follow Us!Those of you looking to avoid filing taxes are probably doing so because you fear you may owe the government instead of them cutting you a check. When all your tax preparation is done, will you even have enough to satisfy Uncle Sam? If this may apply to you, don’t panic. There are options […]