Can You Pay Your Tax Return With Credit Cards?

Follow Us!If this tax year you are one of the unfortunate souls who must pay the IRS instead of receiving a refund, you have our sympathies. It is a bad situation, but there is a way to minimize the damage. Did you know you can pay your taxes with a credit card, among other methods? […]

4 Ways to Get a Tax Return Audit

Follow Us!Working as tax return preparation professionals in Houston can has allowed to see all sorts of credits, deductions, and more that are common and rare. However, no one wants an IRS tax agent knocking at their door and asking for a year’s worth of detailed receipts due to a tax return audit. While there […]

8 Most Famous Tax Return Cheats

Follow Us!The deadline to file your federal tax return has come and gone. For those of you who ended up owing money, it can be a brutal time which will take a few paychecks to recover from. Even those of you who got a refund but still understand that it’s just the IRS giving you […]

5 Last Minute Tips for Tax Preparation

Follow Us!Did you know the regular American spends about 16 hours on average completing their tax return? Given the average tax payer earns about $25 per hour (before paying those pesky taxes), this means they have spent about $400 in sweat equity on their taxes, and we know many who would rather work on their […]

List of Government Waste: 10 Useless Ways They Spend Your Taxes

Follow Us!For those of you writing a check to the Department of Treasury as part of your 2015 tax preparation , you may be smacking yourself wondering where all your hard earned money is going. Because unearned money is never spent well, we have a feeling those of you who are easily irked should not […]

10 Funny Tax Preparation Quotes

Follow Us!The deadline to file your taxes is come and gone, but if you have completed all of your tax preparation or still need to file, you may be sick of hearing about it. However, there have been many who have come before you who have felt the same way. We decided to share a […]

Tax Preparation Tip: Keep Thieves From Snagging Your Refund

Follow Us!With over $30 billion paid in tax refunds for the year 2013, the GAO (Government Accountability Office) estimates that 19 percent, or $5.8 billion of it was stolen. If you have completed your tax preparation and are due a refund, you may think the hard part is over and the spending can begin. But […]

Tax Preparation Hack: How to Add Thousands to Your Return

Follow Us!If you are in the middle of your tax preparation and owe more than you would like, fear not. There is an easy and simple trick to pushing your tax return in your favor, whether you owe or not. Best of all, you get to keep the money on both sides. Share Away!

Tax Preparation Tip: What if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Follow Us!Those of you looking to avoid filing taxes are probably doing so because you fear you may owe the government instead of them cutting you a check. When all your tax preparation is done, will you even have enough to satisfy Uncle Sam? If this may apply to you, don’t panic. There are options […]