Can You Pay Your Tax Return With Credit Cards?

Follow Us!If this tax year you are one of the unfortunate souls who must pay the IRS instead of receiving a refund, you have our sympathies. It is a bad situation, but there is a way to minimize the damage. Did you know you can pay your taxes with a credit card, among other methods? […]

5 Last Minute Tax Return Tips

Follow Us!You’re not alone if you have waited up to the last minute to prepare what will be a last minute tax return. Approximately 20% to 25% of tax returns are filed with in the last two weeks of the tax deadline. While some delay the process because they want to side step the hassle, […]

6 Tax Return Tricks From a Bookkeeping Pro

Follow Us!We at B&J Bookkeeping and Taxes do our best to help you out with your tax return. With the deadline looming for individuals to file, we can help you out with these trade secrets and 6 tax return tricks from a bookkeeping pro. Share Away!

4 Ways to Get a Tax Return Audit

Follow Us!Working as tax return preparation professionals in Houston can has allowed to see all sorts of credits, deductions, and more that are common and rare. However, no one wants an IRS tax agent knocking at their door and asking for a year’s worth of detailed receipts due to a tax return audit. While there […]

5 More Tax Return Scams for 2017

Follow Us!We at B&J Bookkeeping in Houston are always looking to report the latest in tax related scams. We realize that tax return time is one of the busiest times of the year for these fraudsters. Even the IRS is aware of these types of scams and puts out a yearly collection of the worst of […]

5 Tax Myths from Tax Return Preparation in Houston Expert

Follow Us!Working in tax return preparation in Houston can be a confusing process, especially during a busy filing season like this one. It comes with some special considerations that are likely to lead to an increase in misinformation on taxes. With the rise of social media, blogs by amateurs, etc, these tax myths can multiply. […]

7 Tips For Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

Follow Us!We at Houston B&J Bookkeeping love warning you about tax scams and have more to share. In short, tax identity theft can occur when someone uses your personal info to file a phony tax return and collect your return. This includes information such as your Social Security number, birthday, and more. It also can […]

6 Reasons to File a Tax Return Even if You Don’t Have To

Follow Us!We have recently discussed 5 Non Monetary Deductions For Your Tax Return and were wondering about those of you who may not have to file a tax return. Is it worth the effort and money, should you choose to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to help? While there is no one solid answer on […]

5 Non-Monetary Deductions for Your Tax Return in Houston

Follow Us!We love helping you make or save money during tax time and previously discussed 5 Must Deduct Items for Your Business. This was chock full of deductions and credits for business owners and even the self employed. But what if you are a regular paycheck earning guy or gal? What if you need some […]

4 Tips for Tax Returns for Restaurant Owners

Follow Us!We’ve previously shared The 5 Must Deduct Items for Your Business and thought we would expand by sharing tips for tax returns for restaurant owners. Despite the many expenses that can come with working in the food industry, restaurant owners are eligible to take advantage of a number of tax strategies. These deductions can […]