Do You Need a Person to do Your Houston Taxes?

Follow Us!It’s never easy to do your own taxes even as software becomes more user friendly with each passing year. Financial status grows to become more complex as you age, buy a house, get a promotion, invest, start a family, etc. As each scenario adds a level of difficulty to your finances, so too it […]

5 Tax Preparation Tips for Those Who Work From Home

Follow Us!Whether you are self-employed and work from home, you may be in need of a few tax preparation tips. This can be especially true when considering if you should deduct the expenses related to a home office. As technology advances, we see more and more professionals take on a freelance state of mind. We also […]

6 Tax Return Tricks From a Bookkeeping Pro

Follow Us!We at B&J Bookkeeping and Taxes do our best to help you out with your tax return. With the deadline looming for individuals to file, we can help you out with these trade secrets and 6 tax return tricks from a bookkeeping pro. Share Away!

6 Bizarre but Effective Tax Return Deductions You Don’t Know About

Follow Us!You could be leaving tons of dollars on the table when you prepare your tax return this year. From home sales to exercise, these lesser known tax return deductions can make April 15th all the more happier for you and your family. Since what you don’t know can hurt you, especially when it comes to […]

5 Tax Myths from Tax Return Preparation in Houston Expert

Follow Us!Working in tax return preparation in Houston can be a confusing process, especially during a busy filing season like this one. It comes with some special considerations that are likely to lead to an increase in misinformation on taxes. With the rise of social media, blogs by amateurs, etc, these tax myths can multiply. […]

5 Free Tax Return Estimate Calculators

Follow Us!We at Houston B&J Bookkeeping enjoying sharing ways for you to make the most of your money. Your tax return estimate is one of the best perks of the year, should you be lucky enough to get one. But if you can’t wait to see how large your check will be, there are options. […]

5 Last Minute Tips for Tax Preparation

Follow Us!Did you know the regular American spends about 16 hours on average completing their tax return? Given the average tax payer earns about $25 per hour (before paying those pesky taxes), this means they have spent about $400 in sweat equity on their taxes, and we know many who would rather work on their […]

8 Tax Records & Receipts You Need to File

Follow Us!The deadline to file your federal income taxes is rapidly approaching, and for those who itemize deductions, own and operate a small business, or are a sole proprietorship, the gathering of tax records and receipts is crucial component. Regardless of whether filing using a paper return or filing online, this gathering of documents and […]

3 Allegations From H&R Block to Tax Preparation Services

Follow Us!With tax time upon us and tax preparation services deadlines looming, it is only natural for the tax sharks (not the IRS) to come out and look for prey. In their latest commercial, leading tax firm H&R Block intends to do just that, but are they telling you the whole story? We’ll analyze more […]

Obamacare and Tax Preparation: The Horror

Follow Us!As the nation’s largest and smallest consumer tax preparation firms offer assisted and full service tax returns, H&R Block has come out with an interesting insight into the questions taxpayers come up with during their tax-filing process which revealed something interesting. They basically asked their customers which tax issue was the most confusing to […]