4 More Houston Bookkeeper Tips for 2018: Lower Your Mortgage

Follow Us!We’ve previously discussed 4 tips from a Houston Bookkeeper and found some more great ones. These are specifically for you homeowners and especially home shoppers. With these 4 easy ways to lower your mortgage, you can save big each and every month. Share Away!

6 Reasons to File a Tax Return Even if You Don’t Have To

Follow Us!We have recently discussed 5 Non Monetary Deductions For Your Tax Return and were wondering about those of you who may not have to file a tax return. Is it worth the effort and money, should you choose to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to help? While there is no one solid answer on […]

Houston Bookkeeping Services Guide to Making Extra Money

Follow Us!We at B&J Houston Bookkeeping Services recently shared tips on how to spend money. But we thought a guide on how to make money would be just as useful. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics repots that about 20 million people in the country are working on a part time basis for “non-economic reasons.” This […]

Bookkeeping Service Tip: How to Win Black Friday in Line

Follow Us!So it may not quite be Black Friday unless you read this at the exact right time. But there are many ways for you to save a ton of money with a few good bookkeeping service tips. So if you are standing in line waiting for the next great deal or to pay for […]

5 Must Read Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business Owners

Follow Us!We have previously discussed bookkeeping tips for married couples as well as bookkeeping tips for those about to retire. But in addition to couples and individuals of all kinds, we see many business owners pass through our doors. Even those who use our bookkeeping or a similar service must still take some essential financial […]

5 Bookkeeping Hacks for Every Parent

Follow Us!Until they reach the age of eighteen, kids are legally the responsibility of the parents. And with great responsibility comes great bookkeeping hacks. No one ever said raising kids was cheap, and the IRS has been known to cut many a break for parents who are struggling to pay their bills. With that in […]

New IRS Bookkeeping Scam Involving Police

Follow Us!When Kayla Saunders of Syracuse, Utah saw a phone caller from an out of state caller, she was hesitant to answer. However, when they left a message saying they were the IRS and she was in trouble, she began to panic. We’ve previously reported on a number of IRS scams and related bookkeeping scams […]

8 Most Famous Tax Return Cheats

Follow Us!The deadline to file your federal tax return has come and gone. For those of you who ended up owing money, it can be a brutal time which will take a few paychecks to recover from. Even those of you who got a refund but still understand that it’s just the IRS giving you […]

Houston Bookkeeping Tip: 7 Ways to Save Money This Thanksgiving

Follow Us! It seems like just yesterday we were all scouring the stores and web for Halloween costumes that didn’t break the bank and now we’re off to shop for Thanksgiving. Whether you’re hosting at your place or pot lucking it in, feeding a bunch of people is never cheap, so how can you cut […]

10 Worst Business Fails That Hurt Bookkeeping

Follow Us!We’ve all seen and remember those ads and products that never really took off that came from promising companies. How did enterprises with so much to spend on marketing, research, advertising, and even bookkeeping services get it so wrong? We don’t necessarily know the details of how, but we do know who and share […]