Ask a Houston Bookkeeper: Can I Write Off Hurricane Harvey Damage?

Follow Us!We at B&J Bookkeeping are looking forward to bringing you real answers to real questions. Our Ask a Houston Bookkeeper series is intended for those who live in the Houston or surrounding areas but others are welcome to read. In the aftermath of one of the worst hurricanes in Houston’s history, we will answer […]

Houston Bookkeeping Tip: 5 Interesting Findings from Money Study

Follow Us!We at B&J are all about sharing bookkeeping and tax tips, both of which boil down to money. But did you know there may be a science to the need and want for money versus the actual outcome? We did a little digging and found an interesting study conducted April 2017 from the University […]

Houston Bookkeeper Tip: 5 Bizarre Money Myths People Still Believe

Follow Us!We at B&J Bookkeeping love to discuss myths surrounding taxes. Since taxes are basically money out of your pocket, we thought it would be a good idea to go over traditional money myths. These tales run the gamut from the ones with a bit of truth to the downright silly or even harmful. We […]

4 More Houston Bookkeeper Tips for 2018: Lower Your Mortgage

Follow Us!We’ve previously discussed 4 tips from a Houston Bookkeeper and found some more great ones. These are specifically for you homeowners and especially home shoppers. With these 4 easy ways to lower your mortgage, you can save big each and every month. Share Away!

4 Houston Bookkeeper Tips for 2018

Follow Us!Now that the hustle and bustle of another tax season is behind us, it’s time to hunker down for a new one. While some of you may financially fly by the seat of your pants, others like to prepare. No matter which group you fall into, check out our 4 Houston bookkeeper tips for […]

Can You Pay Your Tax Return With Credit Cards?

Follow Us!If this tax year you are one of the unfortunate souls who must pay the IRS instead of receiving a refund, you have our sympathies. It is a bad situation, but there is a way to minimize the damage. Did you know you can pay your taxes with a credit card, among other methods? […]

7 Bookkeeping Tips for Married Couples

Follow Us!There are lots of items contained in standard marriage vows regarding “love, honor, cherish, etc.” But there are very few that regard the all mighty dollar. In our experience, this is a leading cause of marital strife and not to be trifled with. But for those who know how to get a running start […]

Bookkeeping Scam in Harris County for Jury Duty

Follow Us!Imagine this: you answer your phone and the caller claims to be with the police and they are looking to arrest those who have missed jury duty. They claim you are one of them. The only way to avoid jail right there and then is to pay your missed jury duty fines over the […]

5 Bookkeeping Hacks for Every Parent

Follow Us!Until they reach the age of eighteen, kids are legally the responsibility of the parents. And with great responsibility comes great bookkeeping hacks. No one ever said raising kids was cheap, and the IRS has been known to cut many a break for parents who are struggling to pay their bills. With that in […]

New IRS Bookkeeping Scam Involving Police

Follow Us!When Kayla Saunders of Syracuse, Utah saw a phone caller from an out of state caller, she was hesitant to answer. However, when they left a message saying they were the IRS and she was in trouble, she began to panic. We’ve previously reported on a number of IRS scams and related bookkeeping scams […]