Financial Statements for Dummies

Follow Us!We have been blogging all month on the topic of financial statements and their benefits and have noticed that even the best ones can be incredibly difficult to read and understand. Today, we will discuss a few simple tricks to remember when reading financial statements. You don’t have to be an accountant, bookkeeper, or […]

5 Great Examples of Houston Financial Statements

Follow Us!As we have previously discussed, financial statements are an official bookkeeping record of the fiscal activities of a business, individual, or non-profit agency. These written reports detail the strength, performance, and liquidity of their finances and have many benefits to having them professionally prepared. But if you are still confused as to what makes […]

What are the Benefits of Financial Statements?

Follow Us!Learning the benefits of financial statements are similar to learning the benefits of diet, a sports team, or an investment. A financial statement is basically all the relevant information on a business contained in a few pages that can give the reader a simple snapshot of the company’s past, present, and estimated future. So […]

The 4 Types of Financial Statements

Follow Us!Financial statements are an accounting and official bookkeeping record of the financial activities of a business, individual, or even non-profit organization. The statements are essentially written reports that detail the financial strength, performance, and liquidity of these entities. A good financial statement is a snapshot of the bottom line and everything to do with […]

Bookkeeper’s Recomendation on What Twentysomethings Should Know About Investing

Follow Us!On occasion, many clients find themselves with a substantial check after their tax preparation and ask for a bookkeeper’s opinion on what to do with the money. While some of the more experienced individuals know that a little money now can become a lot later, there is still that group of twenty somethings to […]