What You Need to Apply for an S Corp

Follow Us!When a business would like to apply for an S corp in Texas, it must file all of the appropriate documentation with the Texas Secretary of State in addition to the I.R.S. Texas S corporations may not have more than 100 shareholders and can have as few as one. However, all of these shareholders […]

5 Benefits of an S Corporation

Follow Us!As we have previously discussed, there are many types of corporations in Texas. One of the most common and beneficial can be the S Corporation, also known as a small business corporation. No matter if you are a self-employed company of one, just starting a business, or have had one for several years, forming […]

6 Types of Corporations in Texas

Follow Us!Setting up corporations in Texas involves selecting the appropriate type for your business as well as filling out the appropriate document with the Texas Secretary of State. There are many benefits to setting up a corporation not the least of which is a significant break on your federal taxes, as well as some legal […]

The A – Z of Most Common Tax Schedules

Follow Us! It’s that time again when individuals and business gather their documents and head off to an accounting firm in Houston to get help in preparing taxes. And while we’ve previously discussed what to bring to your bookkeeper or accountant, we decided to give a little tutorial for those of you who use any […]

Tax Tips For Freelancers in Houston (or anywhere)

Follow Us! Whether you work for a big corporation or you are your own boss, there are always tax returns to be filed. In Houston and Texas, state income taxes are not filed and a bookkeeper is not needed in that respect, but federal taxes still apply. If you are a business of one, aka […]