4 More Houston Bookkeeper Tips for 2018: Lower Your Mortgage

Follow Us!We’ve previously discussed 4 tips from a Houston Bookkeeper and found some more great ones. These are specifically for you homeowners and especially home shoppers. With these 4 easy ways to lower your mortgage, you can save big each and every month. Share Away!

4 Houston Bookkeeper Tips for 2018

Follow Us!Now that the hustle and bustle of another tax season is behind us, it’s time to hunker down for a new one. While some of you may financially fly by the seat of your pants, others like to prepare. No matter which group you fall into, check out our 4 Houston bookkeeper tips for […]

5 Simple Bookkeeping Tricks for Small Business

Follow Us!Learning a good bookkeeping trick or two can be an insurmountable process for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the self-employed. Every business in each state has its own unique financial strategy that goes beyond “make a lot of money.” One easy way to do just that is to save more money and pay […]

How to Avoid Payroll Fraud

Follow Us!We at B&J Bookkeeping are dedicated to bringing you the latest in bookkeeping and tax related scams. We have also stumbled on to the world of payroll fraud, i.e. fraud that takes the funds meant to pay loyal workers and is funneled somewhere less worthy. According a report from the Association of Certified Fraud […]

5 Payroll Tools Every Accountant Should Have

Follow Us!If you are a small to medium sized business, you are no doubt wondering if you should do payroll services yourself, have an administrator take care of it, hire someone full time, or hire an external expert. No matter what your preference, it is essential to be familiar with the best tools in payroll, […]

New IRS Bookkeeping Scam Involving Police

Follow Us!When Kayla Saunders of Syracuse, Utah saw a phone caller from an out of state caller, she was hesitant to answer. However, when they left a message saying they were the IRS and she was in trouble, she began to panic. We’ve previously reported on a number of IRS scams and related bookkeeping scams […]

Happy Accounting and Bookkeeping Productivity Week: 5 Free Resources

Follow Us! Did you know the week starting May 12th of this year is accounting and bookkeeping Productivity Week? It’s a week to recover from tax time, make a better system for this year, and stick to it. It’s much like a New Year’s resolution for your financials. To help out, we would like to […]

Bookkeeping Tip: 10 Reasons Your Debt is Growing

Follow Us!We’ve previously discussed a bookkeeping tip about 8 Easy Hacks to Build Your Credit Score and wanted to continue in this series of helping you build credit, get out of debt, and improve your overall financial outlook with our bookkeeping know-how, even in these difficult times. To that end, we noticed that debt is […]

Houston Bookkeeping Tip: 8 Easy Hacks to Build Your Credit Score

Follow Us!Negative marks on your credit report can spell big disaster the next time you buy a home, rent an apartment, take out a credit card, etc. Having good bookkeeping skills is important, but it can be easy to let your score slip by missing a payment or being a victim of identity theft. It […]

8 Most Famous Tax Return Cheats

Follow Us!The deadline to file your federal tax return has come and gone. For those of you who ended up owing money, it can be a brutal time which will take a few paychecks to recover from. Even those of you who got a refund but still understand that it’s just the IRS giving you […]