6 Reasons to File a Tax Return Even if You Don’t Have To

Follow Us!We have recently discussed 5 Non Monetary Deductions For Your Tax Return and were wondering about those of you who may not have to file a tax return. Is it worth the effort and money, should you choose to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to help? While there is no one solid answer on […]

5 Non-Monetary Deductions for Your Tax Return in Houston

Follow Us!We love helping you make or save money during tax time and previously discussed 5 Must Deduct Items for Your Business. This was chock full of deductions and credits for business owners and even the self employed. But what if you are a regular paycheck earning guy or gal? What if you need some […]

4 Tips for Tax Returns for Restaurant Owners

Follow Us!We’ve previously shared The 5 Must Deduct Items for Your Business and thought we would expand by sharing tips for tax returns for restaurant owners. Despite the many expenses that can come with working in the food industry, restaurant owners are eligible to take advantage of a number of tax strategies. These deductions can […]

5 Must Deduct Items for Your Business Tax Return

Follow Us!We have recently discussed The Best Financial New Year’s Resolutions but with tax time looming, we’ve decided to switch gears. Being a business owner requires learning everything about your company from top to bottom. When the topic of your business tax return pops up, can you honestly say you know everything or even enough […]