Bookkeeping Scam in Harris County for Jury Duty

Follow Us!Imagine this: you answer your phone and the caller claims to be with the police and they are looking to arrest those who have missed jury duty. They claim you are one of them. The only way to avoid jail right there and then is to pay your missed jury duty fines over the […]

5 Bookkeeping Hacks for Every Parent

Follow Us!Until they reach the age of eighteen, kids are legally the responsibility of the parents. And with great responsibility comes great bookkeeping hacks. No one ever said raising kids was cheap, and the IRS has been known to cut many a break for parents who are struggling to pay their bills. With that in […]

Bookkeepers More Date-Able Than Personal Trainers, Artists, and More

Follow Us!We knew we didn’t get into bookkeeping just for the money. A new survey has found that the “date-ability” of bookkeepers and accountants is quite high. This is a great boost for those of us who wished for a new calculator when we blew out the candles of our birthday cake. Okay, we’ll settle for […]

5 Simple Bookkeeping Tricks for Small Business

Follow Us!Learning a good bookkeeping trick or two can be an insurmountable process for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the self-employed. Every business in each state has its own unique financial strategy that goes beyond “make a lot of money.” One easy way to do just that is to save more money and pay […]