8 Most Famous Tax Return Cheats

Follow Us!The deadline to file your federal tax return has come and gone. For those of you who ended up owing money, it can be a brutal time which will take a few paychecks to recover from. Even those of you who got a refund but still understand that it’s just the IRS giving you […]

Tax Evasion: 5 U.S. Companies That Have Left Because of Taxes

Follow Us!Sick of paying your taxes every year? So are a lot of people, and especially corporations. Presidential candidates have promised to bring those companies back, but we were wondering how many of them there are and were surprised at the results. What we thought were tried and true American companies no longer seem to […]

5 Last Minute Tips for Tax Preparation

Follow Us!Did you know the regular American spends about 16 hours on average completing their tax return? Given the average tax payer earns about $25 per hour (before paying those pesky taxes), this means they have spent about $400 in sweat equity on their taxes, and we know many who would rather work on their […]

8 Tax Records & Receipts You Need to File

Follow Us!The deadline to file your federal income taxes is rapidly approaching, and for those who itemize deductions, own and operate a small business, or are a sole proprietorship, the gathering of tax records and receipts is crucial component. Regardless of whether filing using a paper return or filing online, this gathering of documents and […]