3 Allegations From H&R Block to Tax Preparation Services

Follow Us!With tax time upon us and tax preparation services deadlines looming, it is only natural for the tax sharks (not the IRS) to come out and look for prey. In their latest commercial, leading tax firm H&R Block intends to do just that, but are they telling you the whole story? We’ll analyze more […]

Obamacare and Tax Preparation: The Horror

Follow Us!As the nation’s largest and smallest consumer tax preparation firms offer assisted and full service tax returns, H&R Block has come out with an interesting insight into the questions taxpayers come up with during their tax-filing process which revealed something interesting. They basically asked their customers which tax issue was the most confusing to […]

Procrastinators Beware: Tax Returns Get More Expensive

Follow Us!Filing tax returns is usually never fun, even if you are due a refund. Which is why so many put off filing our tax return until as late as the tax regulations allow. While this strategy does ensure you don’t have to rush into any tax preparation hassles, there are many tax return firms […]

6 Tax Return Hacks for Student Loans

Follow Us!Paying off your student loans is never easy no matter how long you have carried it. Whether you are following a standard repayment plan or you’ve signed on for a repayment program based on income, student debt can come with some steep consequences and is best avoided. While tax return time isn’t ideal either, […]