Tax Preparation Tip: 6 Ways the Rich Pay Less Taxes (and so can you)

Follow Us! During this time of year, we ditch the bookkeeping tips to tell you all about tax preparation. One of the biggest items associated with taxes is that the rich pay less because they utilize a bunch of loopholes that the little guy cannot. But as Steven Piascik of PIASCIK accounting says, “”Tax minimization […]

5 Ways to Report a Tax Preparation Scam and Other Fraud

Follow Us!If you have been targeted towards a tax preparation scam or ever been the victim of a similar fraud and refuse to just let it go, you do have options. For those who want to report these scams to law enforcement or other agencies, we have gathered a list of some of the most […]

Tax Preparation Tip: 4 Contributions You Can Still Make for 2015 Taxes

Follow Us!Yes, it is 2016 and any income or deductions you have after the first of the month must be claimed next year. Unless you are one of the experts who know this neat little trick. As part of any 2015 tax preparation strategy, you can sneak in some more contributions to your IRA to […]