Houston Bookkeeping Tip: 5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

Follow Us!With the New Year upon us, we’ll probably all vow to lose weight, exercise, and spend more time doing things with family. But for those of you looking to increase your pocket book (and who isn’t?), we have a few bookkeeping and money saving tips you should consider. Check out our top 5 below. […]

Houston Bookkeeping Tip: 4 Ways Scammers Try to Steal Money From Seniors

Follow Us!We’ve previously warned you about a bookkeeping scam involving a Sheriff’s Department and found more info on related scams. These are targeted at our seniors, a demographic often thought to be not tech savvy and more likely to fall for threats and intimidation. Worst of all, many seniors can have an excess of cash […]

Houston Bookkeeping Tip: 6 Steps to Managing Petty Cash

Follow Us!Keeping track of petty cash is an important aspect of bookkeeping and small-business financial management. Those who fail to do so will end up with an inaccurate and incomplete set of data for their business’s financial situation. Failure to keep track of petty cash leads to wasteful spending, faulty accounting, theft by dishonest employees, […]