Bookkeeping Tip: Is Texas the Best State for Taxes?

Follow Us!Taxes can vary dramatically by city as well as by state, and since taxes are complex and highly changeable with time, it is hard to determine which states treat their residents like cash machines and which just let them be. In states where taxes are generally higher, the burden can be great enough to […]

7 Best Bookkeeping Blogs For Christian Personal Finance

Follow Us! We’ve recently shared the 7 Best Bookkeeping Blogs for Getting Out of Debt. For those of you looking to improve your spirituality and financial situation, there are many sites out there for those who feel the same. With no Google searching needed, we will gather our 7 best bookkeeping blogs for Christian personal […]

Houston Bookkeeping Tip: Tis the Season for IRS Scams

Follow Us!At B& J Bookkeeping and Taxes, we specialize in monthly bookkeeping and tax preparation. With tax time far behind us, most people would consider the hassle over until 2016. Unfortunately, some scammers are betting on it and using the time in which tax payers are collecting their refunds to take advantage. Share Away!

7 Best Bookkeeping Blogs For Getting Rid of Debt

Follow Us!  At B&J Bookkeeping & Taxes, we love sharing tips on accounting, personal finance, and of course, bookkeeping. But what if our humble blog isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings? There are many more out there, and for those of you in the red, they are full of great tips for getting out of […]