Houston Bookkeepers Tip: The 4 Ways to Pay for College and How They Matter

Follow Us!With a semester of college costing anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, it can be enough to scare any student and parent away, whether graduate or undergraduate. When it comes to family and business bookkeeping, we like to help our readers out as much as possible. However, there are different systems […]

Bookkeeper Houston Tip: 7 Ways to Stop Junk Mail

Follow Us! We’ve previously discussed how to stop telemarketers. Now that the time suckers can’t come through your phone, it’s time to get them out of your mailbox. Whether to save your time, sanity, or at least a few trees, check out these 7 ways to stop junk mail. Share Away!

Bookkeeper Houston Tip: 5 Ways to Stop Telemarketers

Follow Us! It never fails: you’re in an important meeting, driving down the road late for something, or just sitting down to dinner, and it happens: the phone rings and it’s a dreaded telemarketer. If I were to put in bookkeeping terms, these vampires do some serious damage to your time equity, and if you […]

10 Worst Business Fails That Hurt Bookkeeping

Follow Us!We’ve all seen and remember those ads and products that never really took off that came from promising companies. How did enterprises with so much to spend on marketing, research, advertising, and even bookkeeping services get it so wrong? We don’t necessarily know the details of how, but we do know who and share […]