Top 15 Small Biz Blogs to Help With Bookkeeping

Follow Us!Opening a small business in any place and any time can be a precarious venture. However, in today’s times of financial uncertainty, it can be all the more frightening to invest a little capital with the hopes of it paying off. However, those who have grown sick of working 40+ hours a week to […]

15 Reasons Bookkeeping Skills Should be Taught in Schools

Follow Us!We all know that schools are supposed to teach reading, writing, math, and other essentials, but what about the ability to handle and budget money, also known as bookkeeping? With more Americans in debt now than ever, it seems to be logical that students of all ages be taught more than just who is […]

Houston Bookkeepers Tip: 10 Things Parents Should Know About Financial Aid

Follow Us!If you are the parent of a student in college, the next couple of years can be difficult.  To help you get a better grasp of what lies ahead and to not shock your bookkeeper, it is advisable to know as much about the financial aid process as possible.  In that spirit, we have […]

Houston Bookkeepers Tip – 7 Amazing Online Accounting Tools for Small Businesses

Follow Us!We’ve previously discussed 8 places to get free bookkeeping forms and were amazed with the tons of free and paid resources there are on the web that make life so much easier. Even if you have a professional bookkeeper or accountant, you’ll be impressed with what we were able to find. Share Away!

Bookkeeping Tip: 8 Ways to Back up Files for Free

Follow Us! As this blog has often discussed, bookkeeping services are an important part of maintaining your business and paying your taxes. But what happens if your computer crashes, your bookkeeper goes out of business, or they lose all of their data? Losing all your records can be VERY expensive, but breathe easy, because there […]