Bookkeeping in Houston – 6 Money Myths You Are Needlessly Stressing Over

Follow Us!As someone who performs professional bookkeeping in Houston, I get tons of questions on how to make and save money – many of them from stressed clients or clients to be. All too often, I will find that they are stressing about items they shouldn’t be, and I decided to collect a few of […]

10 Funny Tax Preparation Quotes

Follow Us!The deadline to file your taxes is come and gone, but if you have completed all of your tax preparation or still need to file, you may be sick of hearing about it. However, there have been many who have come before you who have felt the same way. We decided to share a […]

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business: 9 Things Everyone Should Know

Follow Us!Without proper bookkeeping services, your small business is susceptible to both cash flow issues that can really cost you, but not as much as the legal issues that could arise. To help small business owners get a better grasp of good bookkeeping services, we’ve collected a few tips on what to do and not […]

Bookkeeping Tip: 8 Top Free Expense Apps

Follow Us! Whether keeping records for your personal expenses or managing multiple employees with spending accounts, bookkeeping apps are a great way to keep track of them all without having to resort to the “stick ‘em in a shoe box and count at years end” method. So which are the best? We’ll share here. Share […]