Tax Preparation Tip: Keep Thieves From Snagging Your Refund

Follow Us!With over $30 billion paid in tax refunds for the year 2013, the GAO (Government Accountability Office) estimates that 19 percent, or $5.8 billion of it was stolen. If you have completed your tax preparation and are due a refund, you may think the hard part is over and the spending can begin. But […]

Bookkeeping Tip: 8 Places to Get Free Bookkeeping Forms

Follow Us! Whether keeping detailed records for your small business or managing a multi-branch corporation, bookkeeping is an essential part of your daily life, and so too are the forms needed for it. But don’t despair or hire a graphic designer just yet, there are ways to get many standard forms yourself. We’ll show you […]

Tax Preparation Hack: How to Add Thousands to Your Return

Follow Us!If you are in the middle of your tax preparation and owe more than you would like, fear not. There is an easy and simple trick to pushing your tax return in your favor, whether you owe or not. Best of all, you get to keep the money on both sides. Share Away!

Bookkeeping Tip: How to Pick a Bookkeeper

Follow Us!If in the market for bookkeeping services, a flip through the yellow pages or Google search can make them all look the same. But of course as with any profession, not all bookkeepers are created equal. So how do you find one that is trustworthy AND competent enough to handle your precious finances? Look […]

Tax Preparation Tip: What if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Follow Us!Those of you looking to avoid filing taxes are probably doing so because you fear you may owe the government instead of them cutting you a check. When all your tax preparation is done, will you even have enough to satisfy Uncle Sam? If this may apply to you, don’t panic. There are options […]