4 Amazing Tax Preparation Stats

Follow Us!With tax time in full swing, we did a little research and found some interesting statistics for tax preparation in 2015. Amount of tax paid, refunds, and more are all different than last year and are quite revealing. Read on to get these amazing stats. Share Away!

Tax Preparation Tip: H&R Block’s Billion Dollar Claim

Follow Us!By now, we’ve all seen the H&R Block commercial with the guy telling you to “get your billions back, America,” leading some to believe that they have millions or even thousands left behind when not using their services. But how real is this claim? Is filing yourself so much better or worse than hiring […]

Tax Preparation: Foreign Earned Income

Follow Us!There are many ways individuals and businesses earn income, and one of the most commonly ways they get it wrong is when they earn income overseas. All United States citizens and resident aliens of the U.S. who live abroad are taxed on their worldwide income. As a general rule, all income should be included […]