Accounting Faux Paus: 6 Things You Should Never Put on the Company Credit Card

Follow Us!Thanks to Office Space for the content: Whether you work for yourself or someone else, having a company credit card can be quite the temptation. There are tons of uses for it, namely having all your business related expenses in one place, which many bookkeepers and accountants can find beneficial. However, there are things […]

What You Should Bring With You to Your Houston Bookkeeper

Follow Us! Whether you’re coming by our offices or another Houston bookkeeper, there are some documents you need to bring with you. If looking for tax help, it’s a no brainer that all tax documents be brought in from W-2s to 1099s and even last year’s tax return. If looking for help with back taxes, […]

7 Small Business Accounting Blogs Worth Reading

Follow Us!Although we are an accounting firm in Houston, there are still tons of tools and tips out there that anyone can utilize. In the era where small businesses are making their presence known, so too is there need for accounting and bookkeeping. But if you have a simple or even advanced accounting question, they […]

Bookkeeper’s Recomendation on What Twentysomethings Should Know About Investing

Follow Us!On occasion, many clients find themselves with a substantial check after their tax preparation and ask for a bookkeeper’s opinion on what to do with the money. While some of the more experienced individuals know that a little money now can become a lot later, there is still that group of twenty somethings to […]

5 Must Have Free Tools for Accounting Firms

Follow Us!Hello, and welcome again to another useful bookkeeping entry from your local accounting firm in Houston. In today’s entry, we will be taking a look at a few useful tools anyone can utilize no matter where they work. So put away your wallet, and get your mouse to have a look at these. Outright […]

5 Business Accounting/Bookkeeping Blogs You Should Read

Follow Us!Sure, there are tons of accounting options in the blogosphere, in addition to this humble entry from your Houston bookkeeper, and new lists on which are the best come up on a regular basis. But for those of you who are business minded with a side of accounting or vice versa and need something […]

5 Best Free Alternatives to Bookkeeping With Excel

Follow Us!The days of Microsoft Office’s Excel dominating the field of bookkeeping are long behind us. But if you are buying a new computer or laptop, it can be tempting to check the box to have it installed automatically. But there are alternatives which are simple, easy to use, and best of all: free. To […]